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Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Review

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Review

We reviewed Xiaomi’s smartwatch Xiaomi Amazfit Bip, which offers a 45-day standby time, and we would like to note that the Xiaomi Amazfit Bip review was personally tested and prepared. The smartwatch, which has a 190 mAh battery, normally offers a 30-day standby time. If you use the smartwatch minimally, it can take up to 45 days. It differs depending on how much you use the device. The first thing that stands out is its resemblance to the Apple Watch with its round-cornered rectangular design. 

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Features

The Xiaomi Amazfit Bip smartwatch has a sporty design in general. Therefore, we can say that it has a very stylish appearance. It has a screen with a resolution of 1.28 inch 176 x 176 pixels. The screen is colorful and touch-sensitive. Gorilla Glass 3 used as material. It has features such as Bluetooth 4.0, 10 Meter usage range, IP68 water and dust resistance certificate, Pedometer, Fitness Tracking, Sleep Tracking, Call Display, SMS and Notification Display, Camera Control, Heart Rhythm and Calorie Calculator. You can be sure that there is no water when washing your hand, but it is recommended that you remove the watch before entering the shower or going for a swim. This will prevent any damage to the clock.

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Price

The price of Xiaomi Amazfit Bip varies on international online sales sites, but on average it is around $ 79. Price may vary depending on your country. Because the tax rates of the countries are directly reflected in the price. The product is very economical compared to the market and we can say that it is % budget-friendly. If you have discount coupons on shopping sites, you can buy the product at a discount price. Check our Xiaomi Mi Band 4 review for a premium choice. You can also have a look at Samsung Galaxy Fit E review for a different brand.


To connect your Xiaomi Amazfit Bip to a smartphone, you need to download the Mi Fit app to your phone and connect with the smartwatch via Bluetooth through this app. Then, the smartwatch will send all the information it has acquired to the Fit application, as well as the call from the smartphone and SMS can transmit the information to the user via its own. If you want to buy a smartwatch from a known brand, you don’t need to check out the different products. You will find all the features you are looking for in this product. We hope Xiaomi Amazfit Bip review has helped you.

Score of the Device

Overall Score - 8.5



Xiaomi Amazfit Bip is a multifunctional and affordable entry-level smartwatch. Please read this section before you decide to buy this product. Comment if you own the device so the readers can learn about it.

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