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Samsung Galaxy Fit E Review

Samsung Galaxy Fit E

The development of technology continues to smart wristbands after mobile phones. The Samsung Galaxy Fit E is one of the innovative wristbands participating in this race. Samsung highlights the quality of all its products. You will understand this when you read the Samsung Galaxy Fit E review. We would like to remind you that it is lighter than other smart wristbands on the market and is available with a multi-color option. The price may be a bit more expensive than other products but the features really deserve it. Check our Fitbit Charge 3 Special Edition review if you are looking for sport wristband.

Samsung Galaxy Fit E features

The Samsung Galaxy Fit E, which has an AMOLED display at a resolution of 120×240 pixels with a size of 0.95 inches, weighs approximately 23 grams. Saving power consumption with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, the product has a long battery life with a 120 mAh battery. The pulse measurement feature, which is the standard feature on all smartphones and wrists, is also available on this product. In addition, the Health app lets you select and personalize 10 of the nearly 100 apps. For water sports, the model has 5 ATM water resistance. With a charging life of approximately 6 days, the product can be charged wirelessly without being connected to the pins by the magnetic charging station.

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Samsung Galaxy Fit E price

As you know, in all technological products, prices vary by country. Although the Galaxy Fit E price is set at $ 99.99 in America, it can be sold at a different price in many countries. When making a color choice, you don’t have to pay any price difference. All colors of the product are sold at the same price. In the market, where superior features and cheaper smart wrists are sold, it is a good opportunity for those who prefer the Samsung brand. When you buy a product, it is an important factor for its brand to be reliable. Samsung products, so much is preferred. If you are looking for a cheaper product, you can check our Xiaomi Mi Band 4 review.


Especially in 2019, many brands started to introduce smart wristband products. Almost every month, a new product is launched. The Galaxy Fit E review excited us. Because it was a highly anticipated product. The product is very light and convenient. It has all the features a smart wristband should have. The price may be a bit expensive compared to its competitors, but you will enjoy the privilege of using Samsung’s secure and quality products.

Score of the Device

Overall Score - 8



Samsung Galaxy Fit E is an expensive but very functional device. Please read this section before you decide to buy this product. Comment if you own the device so the readers can learn about it.

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