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Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Security System Review

Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Security System Review

If you want to turn your home into what we call a smart home, you’ll need a unit that controls everything. Offering the convenience of controlling all products from one place, Xiaomi Mi Smart Home is a system that allows you to control all your smart home products from the phone with Android and Ios app. This system consists of 6 different parts. Below we will describe these parts in detail. Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Smart Home Security System Review has been prepared after testing.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Security System features

The Mi Smart Home Central Control Unit is Xiaomi’s central control unit for smart home systems so you can make your home or office Smart. The Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Smart Center Control Unit has a powerful led and alarm speaker that can be adjusted remotely to color and brightness except for running other Smart Home parts. Other parts of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Home system are as follows:

  • Central Control Unit: This is the central part and is the main mechanism that allows other parts to work harmoniously.
  • Motion Sensor: Thanks to this sensor, which notifies your phone of all movements at your location, you will be instantly aware of everything when you are not in your home.
  • Door/Window Sensor: With this sensor, you can instantly track how many times and when the windows and doors you place the sensor on are closed and opened while you are not at home.
  • Temperature and humidity sensor: You can instantly control the temperature of your home with this sensor and quickly interfere with the situation by understanding the temperature difference, such as a fire.
  • Control Switch: Even if you can control all of these mentioned products with the phone, there is a control switch as with every product and you can control all of them with this.
  • LED Light: Although it only gives white light, it can be integrated into Mi Smart Home and you can use it directly via its application and smart home if you like.


It is one of the best home security systems, especially for families with children. We would like to mention about the product price at Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Security System Review. You can buy this product for between 70 and 100 $. Price may vary on some shopping sites. Check our Skylink SK 150 Small Set Alarm System review for a different alternative.

Score of the Device



Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Smart Home Security System is ideal for the families who are looking for a budget security system. Please read this section before you decide to buy this product. Comment if you own the device so the readers can learn about it.

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