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TrackR Bravo Review

TrackR Bravo Review

The TrackR bravo, one of the newest Bluetooth-based tracking devices that is in danger of missing important items, draws attention with its slender body. If you’re too afraid to lose your valuables, or are constantly forgetting where you put your keys, TrackR Bravo is catching up to your rescue. TrackR is a device developed to help you easily find lost items using your smartphone, and has so far generated more than $ 3.5 million in sales. It is also the finest tracking device ever developed. The Bluetooth range is up to 30 meters.

TrackR Bravo Features

Once you attach the device to your belongings, all you have to do is download the TrackR app to your smartphone, which uses either the Ios or Android operating system. When your item disappears after this stage, you can track it with the help of the proximity indicator in the application or you can play the TrackR Bravo on the lost item with a single key.

  • TrackR is a very small device
  • With the TrackR application, you can easily find items such as rings and keys that you have lost or could not find with the TrackR’s Distance Indicator or Crowd GPS. 
  • The TrackR app shows you the distance between you and your lost item; you’ll know how far away the lost key ring is.
  • With the tip of your finger, you can easily switch the TrackR to your keychain. Can’t find your phone? Press the button on your TrackR device and let your phone ring, even if it’s in silent mode!
  • It has a perfectly anodized aluminum resistant structure.

TrackR Bravo Price

Another important feature of the device is that it is highly customizable. You can even print a small message on the metal surface of the TrackR Bravo with a laser. The single product price is $ 10, which is much more advantageous when you buy a 3-or 5-pack.


Built with a thin enough body to fit into standard wallets (3.5 mm), TrackR bravo uses the world’s largest people-based GPS network, as stated by the developer, so that lost objects can be found thanks to others. Technically using Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the device can show the location of the smartphones it is connected to within 33 meters, give an audible warning if desired, and perform a reverse operation such as finding the smartphones directly via itselfAnother review we have done, at the XIAOMI Aqara Smart Curtain engine review will find interesting information.

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