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Tile Review

Tile Review

Tile tracking devices have an interchangeable battery, 90 meters of coverage and the highest volume ever to help you find your lost items wherever they are. With Tile’s handy app on your iPhone or iPad, you can make your tiles sound play and check if it’s soon, or see its location on the map if it’s far away. Each Pro Series package includes two stylish and durable monitoring devices. With its compact Bluetooth tracking device, Tile ensures the availability of lost keys and wallets. The Tile Pro Series has remarkable features in its range. 

Tile features

The Tile, which reminds us once again of the beauty and simplicity of Bluetooth technology, helps you locate any item even though we say we just end up losing the key. As well as just pressing 1 key.

  • Use your iPhone to make your Tile Pro Play sound when it’s not around, even though it’s coming soon
  • to find your iPhone, just double-click the Tile button on your Tile Pro to make your phone play, even if it’s quiet
  • The Tile app remembers when and where you left your stuff and can show you on the map
  • If your Tile Pro is away, other members of the Tile community can help you anonymously. The Tile app, which runs on their phone, sends location updates to your app, letting you know only where your Tile Pro is
  • The easily interchangeable CR2032 battery is guaranteed to run for one year from its activation

Tile price

When you want to buy Tile, you have 3 different buying options. Prices vary between 20 and 55 euros and 100 euros. You can buy it direct from the Tile web site. 


Tile also integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Bluetooth works 2-sided, so you can find not only the keychain or the item you attach to your phone, but also your phone via the Tile. You can also enter the online Tile site with your registered account and see the last registered location of your phone. So when you lose your phone, you can see which location you lost or forgot. If you are out of Bluetooth coverage, you will not be able to play, but by looking at your last saved location while Bluetooth is active on your phone, you can see where you have forgotten your item.We continue to review technological products. Next ıp is the Samsung Galaxy Fit E review.

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