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Shark Robot Cleaning System S87 Review

This superb product is built on a high-performance robotic vacuum system to deliver powerful suction, XL capacity and advanced sensor technology for an amazing solution for daily cleaning. It is designed for cleaning pet hair. Powerful floor and carpet cleaning with XL module and Max Mode, Shark Robot Cleaning System S87 provides 3 times more suction than R75. You’ll find other details in the Shark Robot Cleaning System S87 review.

Shark Robot Cleaning System S87 features

It is one of the most advanced models of the Shark brand. The Robot Cleaning System S87 features are as follows:

  • Download the Shark Clean app to get continuous updates, create a cleaning program, or launch your robot from anywhere. You can use voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • Intelligent Sensor Navigation 2. 0: Advanced Precision blocks in a robotic vacuum to complete the cleaning job, helping to navigate between objects.
  • The self-cleaning brush roll combines with double edge and corner brushes to capture hair, dust, dandruff¬†and allergens to prevent logging build-up.
  • XL dust box provides minimum downtime during cleaning.

Shark Robot Cleaning System S87 Price

It may be a bit expensive compared to other smart cleaning robots, but it is a market average product. The price of Robot Cleaning System s87 is around $ 250. You can purchase it from the Internet and any authorized dealer in your area. The product is guaranteed by the Shark brand and is guaranteed for 2 years. Ideal for those looking for a different and advanced option. You can also purchase the accessories of the product separately. (Cables, pads etc.)


Although the features of intelligent cleaning robots are similar, the Shark Robot Cleaning System S87 is truly a product with many different features. When preparing the Robot Cleaning System s87 review, we tried to explain these different features. The Shark brand produces only a cleaning robot. It also produces very special cleaning robots for pools. Shark has a wide product range and is very ambitious about technical support. Although consumers are not very aware of the product, it is strong enough to compete with famous competitors. Give it a chance and try. We are sure that you will be very surprised to see its superior features. If you find it difficult to choose between cleaning robots and are looking for a different product, we recommend that you read the Karcher RC 3 Robocleaner review.

Score of the Device

Overall Score - 8.1



Shark Robot Cleaning System S87 is a quality and a cheap product for its price. We recommend it to everyone.

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