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MYNT Review

MYNT Review

MYNT is a practical hanger device that you can attach to jobs, pets or important objects. To find something out of place, you can locate it with your smartphone while it’s within Bluetooth range and have it make a ringing tone. Or by pressing the button on the MYNT you can make your smartphone ring and you can find it! You can attach a MYNT into everything you care about, and with your app you’ll never lose sight of it again, just using your smartphone. With the app that lets you manage and name all the connected viewers, you can see everything at a single glance. 

MYNT features

Although the Mynt size is small, its features are quite extensive. Here are some of them: 

  • It is a Bluetooth-enabled smart tracker.
  • It won the Red Dot & IF Awards.
  • Find your precious item in seconds. 
  • The Mynt tracker automatically records the lost location. The Mynt community also helps you find lost items.
  • It has a battery for 6 months.
  • The selfie provides brilliant remote control for music and slides.
  • Apple runs on Ios, Android, Mac OS and Windows devices.
  • It has a Bluetooth range of 45 meters.
  • It supports Ios 8.0 and Android 4.4.4 or higher.

MYNT price

MYNT price is 20 $ for each. But you can buy different packs at MYNT web site. If you buy 5 pieces, you will receive 5 free pieces. 


You can customize the notification type for each item, from a vibrating alert to a text message to a ringing tone or a combination of them all. You can also add a Wi-Fi area in any venue you visit regularly and have Wi-Fi access. As long as the Wi-Fi area you add is recognized, any unwanted messages will be blocked when you’re at work or at home. With the MYNT application, you can locate items that you use shared with other members of your family, friends, or working partners. To do this, simply select the tracker in your application and confirm that the people involved are able to locate it. If your device is lost and cannot be within Bluetooth range, MYNT can help you. If MYNT is near another Mynt user, it will forward its current location to your own application.

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