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Lapa 2 Review

Lapa 2 Review

Losing stuff happens to all of us very often. Especially the issue of losing a phone and a key is an event that makes us very nervous. With Lapa 2, this problem no longer exists. No matter how simple problems seem to be lost items, everyone has a desire for a solution. A company that wants to solve the problems in this subject, Lapa called the object finder device developed by developing a solution. They even added mobile application support to their improvements and released Lapa 2 version.

Lapa 2 Features

When you read the Lapa 2 features below, you’ll understand how impressive the product is: 

  • Find items you’ve lost with the help of sound and light. 
  • When you move away from the product, your phone will alert you. 
  • You have the ability to call your phone. 
  • With the in-app feature, other users can help you find your lost items.
  • Water-Resistant 
  • Audio: 90dB audio 
  • Connectivity Power: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Replaceable battery: 1 year battery life
  • Coverage: 60m / 200ft

Lapa 2 Price

Prices vary between 25 euros and 60 euros, according to the Lapa 2 model. You can buy directly from the manufacturer’s website. Or you can get it from international shopping sites. The product is guaranteed for 2 years. Additional accessories can also be purchased from the company’s website. We can say it’s one of the best among tracking devices.


Lapa, which is easily attached to your belongings, allows you to stay connected to your belongings with Bluetooth technology. Lapa 2, which stands out with its technology and design, acts as an accessory with its elegant appearance. You can put Lapa in your keychain, purse or in your wallet, which offers options compatible with your lifestyle. The mush is designed for parents to follow their children.

Thanks to this product you attach to your child’s arm, you get a warning when your child is away from you. With two-way warning system with sound and light, you can easily find your items in any environment. The mobile app, which has a very handy and simple interface, lets you find your phone in silent mode with just one click. The app also lets you find where your items are with the location service, allowing you to share your lost items directly on Facebook.If you want to review another tracking product, you can find it in the Linquet Bluetooth Tracking Sensor review.

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