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Google Home Hub Review

Google Home Hub Review

10 years ago, could you imagine that you could control your home with electronic devices? You can now do this with Google Home Hub. You will find the details of this great product which is sold by the world’s largest technology and Communication Company in the Google Home Hub review. Home Hub devices, which you will place in various parts of your home, take control of your entire home. Home Hub aims to keep everything in your home under your control by smarting from the temperatures of the rooms to the visitors coming home.

Google Home Hub features

Unlike other smart home assistants, the Google Home Hub doesn’t come with any cameras. The reason is that your privacy is protected. Home Hub, which changes screen brightness and colors of photos according to ambient light, offers users who like to review their photos with the power they have received from Google Photos. 

  • Available for Android, Ios, Mac, Windows and Chrome book.
  • Dimension: 11x67x179mm; Weight: 480gr
  • Color Options: Sand color, Sea color, Chalk color, Charcoal color
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • Google assistant

The Google Home Hub is designed to have a 7-inch screen. It is possible to control the Google Home Hub without touching it, only by voice, with Google Assistant.

Google Home Hub price

The Google Home Hub, available for around $ 75 to $ 100, offers services worldwide. Price may vary depending on your country. It’s cheaper than the equivalent services. Because there are several other companies that offer the same service. Google has managed to be the best in this service, as in everything else.


Google Home Hub is a technology that offers a visual display to control the smart home world and view the home instantly. It has a 7-inch tablet appearance with its Hub speaker and screen that comes with its own dedicated stand. With support from Google Now, this device offers voice control. You can also control the touch screen. Of course you can control your smart home more comfortably by using two options at the same time. Operating with Google apps, the device has apps such as Google Photos, Maps, YouTube installed. With the Downtime mode, the Home View feature lets you view the door and other smart devices associated with the device, such as a security camera, directly from the Google Home Hub. We hope the Google Home Hub review will work for you. 

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Score of the Device

Overall Score - 9



Google Home Hub brings the voice assistant experience to your home in a visual way. Please read this section before you decide to buy this product. Comment if you own the device so the readers can learn about it.

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