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Skydio R1 Review

The Skydio R1 is capable of calculating the correct maneuvering and shooting angles in all challenging conditions, shooting in 4K resolution, and tracking specified objects. Featuring 13 cameras to use artificial intelligence technology, the Skydio R1 also features real-time mapping, road planning and obstacle avoidance. The Skydio R1, powered by the Nvidia Jetson TX1 processor for driverless vehicles, has a software that can recognize objects such as cars or trees, as well as people.

Although the Skydio R1 does not have a controller, the drone’s landing and Takeoff can be controlled with the help of a mobile application. This amazing drone, made from a mixture of aluminum and carbon fiber, has a maximum speed of approximately 35 km per hour and a flight time of 16 minutes for superior maneuverability. No other drone with the same features. The best and most feature drone on the market. This product also triggered other drone manufacturers and caused them to make several updates to their existing products. 


Skydio R1

The drone model R1, which Skydio has been working on for exactly four years, uses a different structure than the design we’re used to from DJI. The drone, which is built on a long fuselage and has four propellers, is built on really smart features. First, it gets its air vehicle power from the Nvidia Jetson TX1. The Skydio R1, which has 12 different cameras, is able to map its surroundings in real time. Thanks to this map, the robot, which determines the surrounding objects and can fly without hitting them, works wonders according to the sample video.

The drone, which can make its way in places where DJI drones generally prefer to stop, looks great for individual use in that respect. The product, which can autonomously track you or the person you identify, can also record video at 4K resolution. The Skydio R1, the necessary settings can be made from the smartphone, shows quite smooth results as shown. The drone, which can stay aloft for 16 minutes on a single charge, comes with 64 GB of internal storage. 


  • Flying Time: 16 Minutes
  • Slow Mode Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Video Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Control Distance: 0.1 Km
  • Gimbal: 2 axis
  • Camera resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • It has two batteries that can speed more than 40 kilometers per hour and each can hold itself aloft for 16 minutes.

Skydio R1 Features

Skydio R1 Features

Imagine if you could control a drone with a watch attached to your arm. Isn’t that cool? The company Skydio, headquartered in California, announced the arrival of this feature to the self-flying Skydio R1 model. Now with Apple Watch support, you can easily control the Skydio R1 from your wrist, as well as many Settings from your watch. But the most impressive feature of this drone is its ability to “track the person” that integrates with the Apple Watch.

This smart drone, which takes pictures of all the human faces it detects while flying and sends them to your watch, is able to focus and track whoever you want. Capable of clocking 40 km, Skydio R1 can record 4K 30fps, 1080p 60fps and 1080p 30fps video. Creates a world map using visual multiplication algorithms when flying. It also uses deep learning algorithms to track you and path planning to predict where it should go. All of these are handled by a 256-core AI computer from NVIDIA Jetson. Use only your smartphone or Apple Watch to launch the drone and take your shots. There are a few ways that R1 can follow you.

These flight modes are referred to as cinematic skills. Using the tracking will allow the R1 to track you from behind. If you need to fly the R1 manually to get conventional drone shots, you can use your smartphone to control it like other drones, or the drone, boomerang, wired camera, etc. As such, you can use one of the predefined shots.

  • 4 new cinematic modes featuring Quarter Lead, Quarter Follow, Car Follow, Car Tripod
  • Improved Lead Mode: Skydio Autonomy Engine’s predictive system has been optimized to make it more intelligent when faced with obstacles
  • Updated landing experience: now R1 shows the user exactly where to land
  • Enhanced UI that facilitates the selection of cinema modes

 Skydio R1 Design

Skydio R1 Design

The Skydio R1 is specially designed to track people moving in complex and dense hilly outdoors without obstructions. So this drone can track every person speeding on bicycles, skateboards, skiing and even mountain bikes. The artificial intelligence software inside the Skydio R1 is designed to make it more compatible with a 21st century human being as it is used. You see, the more you use this drone, the more artificial intelligence develops.

With the camera and sensors on it, you can shoot professional-quality drone shots even if you have never used anything remotely operated before, thanks to this high-tech drone that can really see around you and track your target perfectly without hitting the branches around you even in the forest. Designed in accordance with Outdoor sports, the Skydio R1 can track users in fast sports and easily overcome obstacles in areas such as the forest. R1 can also be used in sports such as cycling, skateboarding or surfing.


Skydio R1 Performance

Let us also note that the images taken by Skydio R1 can be viewed with the help of mobile application. Besides artificial intelligence, the Skydio R1’s mobile application controls, which can be controlled manually by the application, are very limited. Offering 16 minutes of flight time with a single charge, the Skydio R1 has 64 GB of internal storage. The smartest drone in the market.

The Skydio R1 is an amazing new technology. It’s a real drone you can buy right now. If you’ve flown a drone before, you know it can be difficult to shoot your own Videos. Even if you follow modes like obstacle avoidance and Active Track on DJI planes, it’s really hard to control the drone and get it in the right mode to follow you. After the Drone follows you, it takes a few seconds before it comes to an obstacle and can’t follow you. Skydio’s 13 cameras with a 360-degree viewing angle work with the Autonomy Engine software and, thanks to artificial intelligence, take position by predicting the user’s next position or movement. So he never lets his user out of his sight.


With a total of 12 cameras on it, the Skydio R1 is free of obstacles thanks to real-time images and special autonomous driving technology, so there is no need to map any route using the GPS feature before taking off. Skydio R1 is one of the first examples that can be autonomously moved and can be commanded to follow a specific user. First of all, the product includes a mini computer. The part of the 256-core NVIDIA Jetson processor drone model with artificial intelligence. This is because the entire monitoring process, the decision-making mechanisms, as well as the data coming from the sensors that control the environment are interpreted by this processor. There are 12 sensor cameras on the product. The task of these cameras is not to detect the surroundings but to record video.


The only negative thing we can write for the Skydio R1 is the price. $ 2500 is expensive for a drone, but you can be sure that you won’t find another drone with these features. Because it uses a 2-axis wobble, the scrolling movement is not very soft. Because there is no controller, it also means the drone can’t fly any more than the wifi range allows. I think the biggest problem with this drone, I think, is its size. It’s not much bigger when it’s folded than Mavic 2, but that’s the problem, it’s not folded at all. This means you don’t have a chance when you want to fit it in a camera bag or a small backpack.

Skydio R1 Price

Skydio R1 Price

Skydio R1, unfortunately, is not cheap. But it still sells at a reasonable price, like $ 2500, given its own segment. Each battery of the two battery-powered drones has a life span of 16 minutes, which is more than enough to enjoy it. Built into the drone, the camera is capable of shooting full high-resolution 4K quality.


The Skydio R1 is a very impressive drone. Thanks to the artificial intelligence he has, he controls his flight himself. This model is marketed as a self-flying camera, not a flying drone. This drone, which can travel around them comfortably by noticing objects coming across as it flies, also records high-resolution videos focusing on an object.

The Skydio R1 stands out from the obstacle and continues its path, manoeuvring automatically instead of walking away when faced with any obstacles. So you might think a master pilot is sitting in the captain’s Pavilion of the Skydio R1, manoeuvring right and left, up and down. In other words, 4K image quality recording and 64 GB internal memory with the Skydio R1 Drone, even in woodlands can take auto-tracking feature. Skydio R1 will continue to follow you regardless.

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