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Ryze Tello Review

The weight of the Ryze Tello model is approximately 80 grams with its propellers and battery installed. This is the lightest drone model among the DJI branded products already on the market. Tello is a mini, so-called palm-drone model with a 14-core Intel processor, a combination of Ryze Robotics and DJI, with a maximum flight speed of 13 minutes, a maximum flight speed of 8m / s, and a range of 100 meters. Tello can capture 5 Megapixels and record videos at 720p. The mini drone can also be controlled via smart mobile devices or remote control, as in DJI Spark, and supports VR technology. You can control the DJI Ryze Tello drone with the app you download to your phone using the Wifi connection. This control is no different from the control. You can also make fpv flights with ease, as the camera image is also on your smartphone. We call Dji Tello a professional toy.

Ryze Tello Review


It’s possible to say that Ryze Tello is a drone made specifically for fun. Attracted by its acrobatic motion features, the drone features an 8D somersault and does not hesitate to fly between objects. Tello comes with new flight modes, such as advanced obstacle detection and Bounce Mode, and comes across as the cameraman of pleasant times. Tello features 98mm x 92.5mm x 41mm and weighs approximately 80 grams. In this respect, it is a very compact product. It is more appealing to young users and has fun features. The game is an important part of the learning phase. With Scratch support designed by TELLO MIT, it allows young people and children to have fun while learning entry level programming. If you need more advanced software, TELLO SDK is also available. Combined with both Intel and Dji Technology, the Dji Tello features an automatic take-off and landing function. Many different features have been developed for this device, especially in the use of drone, which works with the help of sensors that also consider novices and the child user audience. 

Ryze Tello Overview


  • 5MP camera
  • 720p video recording
  • 13min max flight time
  • Remote control with Wifi
  • Automatic landing and Takeoff 
  • Safe landing if disconnected
  • Only 80 G
  • To be able to land and take off by hand
  • Electronic gimbal
  • 100m remote control distance

Ryze Tello Features

Ryze Tello Features

You can use any smartphone or tablet for non-controlled use. The app is available for both Ios and android devices. All you have to do is download the Tello app by entering the Apple Store or Google Play. If you flip the drone over and look under it, you’ll see 2 sensors. This allows the drone to detect the ground and remain stationary in the air. So the Drone stays perfectly steady in the air even if you let go of your control in a windless environment. But when you get to the top of 10 meters, you’ll see the “VPS position will not work as well” warning on your screen. Unable to use VPs after 10 meters. So that means that even though the range of the Tello is 100 meters, you can’t fly your drone efficiently after a height of 10 meters in windy air. With EZ Shots, Intel’s processor and electronic image stabilization, you can take short video shots while flying in 3 patterns: circle, 360 and Up&Away. You can also upload these videos directly to social media from your smartphone. Tello is extremely secure with software and hardware protections. It can automatically land and take off with a single click, make precise hover with the Visual Positioning System, and sound the alarm when the battery level drops. It also makes safe landing even if you lose the signal thanks to the failsafe system. We can call it the most fun drone TELLO on the market right now for both children and adults. It is also impressive with its appearance, small and easy to use drone stop.  It’s easier to use Tello than you think. In short, remove your phone and use it anytime, anywhere with minimal danger thanks to intuitive controls. It doesn’t matter where you are because of their small size, you can see your surroundings at home, in the office, in your backyard at any time with new angles of view.

Ryze Tello Design

Ryze Tello Design

This incredibly small drone fits in your hunter and weighs just 80gr (including propellers and battery). But with its durable design and DJI’s flight technologies, you can always be confident that you can fly safely. Just take it out of your bag and have fun.  To fly the Tello, simply press the lift up button located in the control application. You can use the keys on the right to move forward, backward, right, and left, and the keys on the left to move up and down. If you want to make a landing you can press the landing button. When the battery is low, the Ryze Tello application gives you a direct warning. The most important thing to watch out for when flying with Tello is to be careful in extreme windy weather or even not to fly if possible because the product is very light because it can be difficult to control with the effect of the wind.


Ryze Tello Performance

Just insert the battery and press the button on the side to activate the product. The lights are starting to flash. When the yellow light starts to light, you can connect Wi/fi to your tablet or phone via Ryze Tello. There are protection devices on the propellers so that the user can use them more comfortably. That way you can make safe flights. There are 2 sensors at the bottom that test the altitude so you can fly more safely. At the top is only the Tello inscription. Dji Ryze Tello has its own special control application, you can download it for free and connect directly to wifi and start using it right away. Tello is highly secure in software and hardware. With one-touch, it can automatically land and take off, easily fly steady in the air thanks to the image positioning system, and warn you when the battery level is low. Moreover, even if you experience loss of connection, Tello is able to land easily thanks to hazard protection software.


  • Cheap price: the cheapest drone you can buy under the DJI brand
  • ​Impressive flight modes: successful flight modes
  • ​Instant response to the application: designed on the coding of a drone to respond to the commands you give through the application is quite fast
  • ​Long flight time: the flight time is too long as the Drone is too light
  • The high-capacity battery at Tello offers users an impressive flight time. This makes it the longest flight-capable device in the category of mini-drones.


The lack of gimbal is a disadvantage. It could have been a simple gimbal, like DJI Spark. The camera uses a digital image stabilizer, which is the same as the Parrot Bebop. Although the camera is capable of shooting beautifully, a light wind affects the image capture very much. The quality of the picture is better than the quality of the video. Also, if Tello had saved the image to a micro SD card, the video image quality would have been better. Because Tello instantly transfers the image to the phone via wifi and you record the image to the phone. This reduces the image quality.

  • Lack of charging cable: lack of charging cable is very unreasonable. In addition, when we have trouble charging the drone battery, unfortunately, the original charging cable remains out of warranty.
  • Camera is inadequate: although the camera is mediocre in terms of photography, you get an image like a security camera image if there is wind in the video capture.
  • Lack of box contents of controller: additional cost for controller raises drone price
  • The DJI Go application is not used: the DJI Tello application should have been the same application that other DJI products controlled.
  • ​It can’t even fly in the light wind: shooting by the lake is impossible. Wind resistance is very low indoor drone.

Ryze Tello Price

The price of the Ryze Tello is around $ 90, making it one of the cheapest products on the drone market. We don’t think you can buy another drone at this price and with these features.


Featuring 3-inch propellers, Ryze Tello can fly on the air for 13 minutes on a single charge. The maximum flight distance is 100 meters and the flight speed is around 8m / s. The camera records in 720p resolution and provides 2-antenna WiFi streaming. Barometer, LED lighting, range finder are also available. The most fun drone Tello is for both children and adults is the impressively small and easy-to-use drone. No matter where you are, at home, in the office, in your backyard, you can see your surroundings at any time with yep new angles of view, and catch exciting perspectives. With its dual antenna and live image transmission, TELLO is always with you.

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