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DJI Inspire 2 Review

The DJI Inspire 2 has the distinction of being the first dual-camera drone the firm has produced to date. This second camera with 2-axle stabilization system, which can rotate in two directions, serves as a road camera that allows you to see the front of the drone when the main camera is facing in different directions at the moment of shooting. In addition, the Tap Fly drone automatically moves to that point when you plot your way through this camera, so you can focus on more camera angles and cinematography without having to deal with piloting.


DJI Inspire 2 Overview

What makes DJI Inspire 2 so privileged and exclusive is the dual camera the drone has. The Master camera on the drone is capable of moving in 3 different directions and has features that even professional filmmakers can easily record and use 5.2 K decoding video. It has 5 sensors on the Drone. It is building a 360-degree firewall around the drone, especially with infrared sensors located at the front, top and bottom. So you can fly the drone freely without fear of hitting a place. This anti-impact feature, which DJI calls obstruction avoidance, is also integrated into the automated homecoming assistant. On previous models, when you recall the drone, the automatic return system was disabled if the drone encountered an obstacle. But thanks to the newly arrived Smart Return Home feature, the drone can even cross that barrier and reach the landing point automatically, even if it encounters a barrier in front of it. Of course, Flight features include, but are not limited to, Inspire 2, The Active Track (automatic subject tracking) feature that comes with DJI Mavic. In this feature, the drone is locked into an object or human being that you frame, and it is constantly tracking it automatically.


DJI Inspire 2 Specifications
  • Magnesium aluminum composite shell
  • Model: T650
  • Weight (battery included): 2.25 lbs. (3290 g, two batteries included, no camera or camera)
  • Diagonal Distance (impeller excluded): 18 inches (605 mm, Opening Mode)
  • Maximum Take-off Weight: 8,82 lbs. (4000 g)
  • Maximum Takeoff Sea Level: 1.55 mi (2500 m); 3.1 ml (5000 m with specially designed propeller)
  • Maximum Flight Time: Approx. 27 min (with Zemmuse X4S)
  • Max Tilt Angle: P mode: 35 ° (Forward Vision System enabled: 25 °); A-mode: 35 °; S-mode: 40 °
  • Maximum Output Speed: P mode / A mode: 16.4 ft. / sec (5 m / s); S-mode: 19.7 ft. / s (6 m / s)
  • Maximum descent speed: Vertical: 13.1 ft. / s (4 m / s); Slope: 13.1-29.5 ft. / s (4-9 m / s) the default slope is 13.1 ft. / s (4 m / s), which can be set in-app.
  • Max Speed: 58 mph (94 km / h)
  • GPS Hovering Accuracy: Vertical: ± 1.64 feet (0.5 m) or 0.33 feet (0.1 m, Lower Vision System enabled) Horizontal: ± 4.92 feet (1.5 m) or 0.98 feet (0.3 m, Lower Vision System active)
  • Operating Temperature: -4 ° – 104 ° F (-20 ° + 40 ° C)
  • Carbon Fiber arms
  • 2-axis FPV camera
  • Maximum speed of 58 mph(94 kph)
  • 23 minutes (with X7 )flight time
  • 27 minutes (with X 4S )flight time
  • Dual battery self-heating 98 Wh battery redundancy
  • 3.2 kg weight with 2 batteries,
  • Compatible with Zemmuse x 7, Zemmuse x 5S and X 4S.
  • 3-axis gimbal
  • Supports 10 different lenses in total including Zoom lenses,
  • Can transfer 1080p full hd video,
  • It can take up to 30 Mp resolution.

DJI Inspire 2 Features

DJI Inspire 2 Features

DJI Inspire 2 has another important and different Feature: Spotlight Pro. This feature allows you to take both the drone’s direction and the camera angle and subject tracking without the need for a second operator in difficult dramatic scenes. This feature actually allows a combination of Active Track, Tap fly, Waypoint, and Point of Interest. Another important feature is that DJI has used CineCore 2.0, the visual processing technology it has just developed in Inspire 2. This technology significantly improves Video quality, with Zemmuse X4S and X5S cameras capable of shooting 4.2 Gbps bitrate videos, and CinemaDNG, Apple ProRes formats such as Inspire 2 video capture performance makes perfect. Professional film and series makers had previously used gyrostabilizer systems or very large octocopters attached to the ends of large helicopters for aerial viewing. These over-cost products offered a good visual quality, but were far from practical. Dji resolves such problems of filmmakers with Inspire 2, a lightweight instrument that is relatively easy to carry relative to its counterparts.  According to its competitors, it has far superior features. 

 DJI Inspire 2 Design

DJI Inspire 2 Design

The DJI Inspire 2 comes with a more robust structure, although lighter than the first model. The camera is the highlight of the Inspire 2, which offers an average battery life of 25 minutes and speeds up to 100 km per hour. The Inspire 2 is the first dual-camera drone the company has ever produced. The main camera on the device meets almost all of the needs of professionals, with its ability to rotate in 3 different directions and offer 5.2 K video resolution. Thanks to the Zemmuse X5S camera, Inspire 2 is the ideal aerial vehicle for commercial shooting with a 5.2 K 30fps Cinema DNG (RAW) shooting format. In addition to SD card support, Inspire offers an externally available SSD storage solution with a flight time of 27 minutes.

DJI Inspire 2 Design


Optimized for power, the DJI Inspire 2 can reach 108kph at 108km per hour. This drone, which can go from 0 to 80km in 4 seconds, has a flight time of 27 minutes. In addition, DJI Lightbridge technology allows you to broadcast live television in 1080p and 720 resolution. Also, as with the first model, the Inspire 2’s legs are raised up, allowing the camera to take pictures comfortably. The second camera, which can rotate in two directions, allows you to see continuously where the drone is going. Because the DJI Inspire 2 can be managed by two operators. You must use the DJI Go mobile app to monitor the DJI camera image with glass during the flight. You can use the DJI Go mobile app on your Android and Ios phones, which you can use with all DJI drones with FVP support. Spotlight Pro is a powerful tracking mode that allows even single pilots to capture complex and dramatic images. Regardless of the direction in which Inspire 2 flew, it used advanced visual tracking algorithms to lock into an object during flight, creating shots that would once have required a dedicated camera operator. If gimbal comes close to reaching the rotation limits, Inspire 2 itself will turn in the same direction without affecting flight control, or gimbal will shoot shots to free Up movement.


  • The second camera allows you to follow the direction of the drone while the first camera is recording images
  • Inspire 2 Drone can be managed by 2 users
  • The DJI inspire 2 drone is optimized for efficient workflow and is able to record video  
  • They are common formats in CinemaDNG and Apple proper’s for filmmaking and post-production.
  • FAT32 / exFAT file systems allow fast copying of files from Cinessd without additional software.
  • It is possible for the DJI Inspire 2 drone to detect obstacles 30 meters ahead and fly at a speed of 34km per hour. It has a controllable holding angle of 25 degrees. Upward infrared sensors weigh the barrier 5m (16 feet) above and thus provide protection when flying indoors. The Dji Inspire 2 drone obstacle detection systems are active during typical flight and all intelligent flight modes.


For this drone, which is one of the best in the market, there is no negative feature we can write about. You can only say that the price of DJI Inspire 2 is a bit expensive. But if you want to use the best, you don’t have to think about anything when buying it.

DJI Inspire 2 Price

The price of the DJI Inspire 2 varies from about $ 2,889 to the standard Inspire 2 without gimbal and camera. Inspire has 2 drone bundles without gimbal or camera available. They start in the price range of USD 2,999. 


DJI, which has excellent features with its dual camera and is one of the most famous companies among the leaders in the Drone industry, has launched its new drone, DJI Inspire 2. Inspire 2 is also nominated to be one of the best drones in the industry, beyond what DJI has produced to date and is now being promoted as the best Drone by the company. Reliability has been made even safer by the dual use of basic modules such as IMU, Compass and Barometer. The intelligent flight control system monitors system redundancy and transfers accurate flight data. With the new obstacle detection system, Inspire 2 detects obstacles and escapes the obstacle, reducing the risk of collision to a minimum. The Dual of the batteries is that if trouble occurs on the single battery, it can continue to make enough flights for a safe landing with the other.

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